Bundt of the Month


One day in September 2021, I inocently shared a photo on Good Day Sacramento/CBS Local ‘s “Show Us Your Treats” segment for the fun of it. Here’s what happened:

I had to find Tina and follow up, of course!

I was able to connect with the fabulous Foodie Tina Macuha, and decided on a date that worked for them and ideas for the first Bundt to share. HOW EXCITING!

Bundt cakes focus on the flavor, not the frosting. You only need one pan and some good tricks for making sure the cake doesn’t stick. And, Voilà! A beutiful, tasty, and declicious cake ready for sharing. And ready for the “BUNDT OF THE MONTH” segment on Good Day! (A special thanks to Courtney Dempsey, Cody Stark, Tina Macuha and John Dabkovich. Look what you started?)


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